Welcome to the reimagined world of live events. Our new format leapfrogs everyone in the space and ignites previously unimagined opportunities for a brand new kind of participatory entertainment experience.

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TEMENET was born out of an idea: the idea that the best world is an open one, the best technologies are the ones that serve people and the best experiences are the ones that connect us and bring us closer together.

TEMENET is a next-generation platform deployable at festivals, arenas, stadiums – anywhere you have a mass of people wishing to connect. TEMENET combines the power of the cloud with the security and efficiencies of peered networks to power a new class of applications that enable rich content-led experiences, seamless connectivity and interactivity that make live moments truly epic.

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Theme Parks and Resorts

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  • Venues around the world have spent millions on networking infrastructure only to find their services compromised or “broken” when under heavy use. TEMENET fixes this issue, making connectivity and connections seamless and reliable.

  • Creating an on-demand peer-based network infrastructure allows for the exchange of data, files, etc. and support spontaneous communication and community based interactions. 

  • TEMENET creates a path for audiences, artists and venues to interact in ways never before imagined.   VIP experiences and once-in-a-lifetime moments are brought to life in real time.




Festivals are the ultimate shared experience. TEMENET makes it possible to connect, discover, participate and share in ways never before possible.


  • Finding your friends, texting, uploading photos—all things we all take for granted when we’re connected to WiFi is made seamless with TEMENET.

  • With TEMENET you’re always connected—ready to discover and be discovered. Exchange invitations. Create impromptu meet-ups. Chat without interruption.

  • TEMENET-enabled festival and event apps enhance the on-ground experience, creating a depth and richness to the moment and allowing fans to participate in the show itself.

  • TEMENET provides a framework for event designers to create and execute unique digital experiences that enhance and deepen the relationship with audiences.



Dave Toole  

Dave Toole is co-founder of Outhink Media, an emerging media incubator. Outhink has helped launch a number of innovative media initiatives, from video production networks, to social media networks, to broadcast to broadband social networks. He lives in Portola Valley, CA.

Paul Mace  

Paul Mace is co-founder and CTO of Outhink Media. He founded Mace Utilities and was a principal developer/inventor of the first TIVO OS interactive feature set. He lives in Ashland, OR.

Eric Thompson  

Eric Thompson is a business artist whose strength is developing market strategy, product marketing, storytelling and positioning. Formerly business development lead at Xbox, Eric is partner/founder of IndieBD.com. He lives in Kirkland, WA.